Superhuman Focus: Learn To Hack The Flow State & Boost Productivity By 247%

  •  Develop the super-skill to get done in two hours what most people do in two days
  •  Discover the daily habits to unlock the full potential of your brain and work with monk-like focus 
  •  Learn science-based methods to master the flow state and increase your daily productivity by +247%
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"Getting better results in less time is what every entrepreneur is dreaming of, and Jari is exactly the kind of person that can make this a reality. He took my productivity to a completely new level."

- Philip Hofmacher 
(Founder Freedom Business)

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"If you're eager to learn new things about how to be more effective, productive, and how to achieve your goals, Jari is the voice to listen to."

- Jordy van Bennekom

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"Jari is all about working smarter. His teachings helped me focus more and take my business to the next level while having more time for my private life as well."

- Sinem Günel
(Founder MWA)

What You'll Learn In Superhuman Focus:

 Science-based methods to hack the 'flow state,' so you can get done in 2 hours what most people do in 2 days... 

 How to build a better brain, enhance mental fitness, and get rid of brain fog, so you can perform at your best every day...

 Daily habits to develop monk-like concentration and mental clarity, so you can be your most productive self

 How to guard yourself against 'dopamine hacking', so you'll no longer waste hours per day on social media...

 Time-tested productivity techniques to work smarter, improve your focus, and get more done in less time...

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Hi, I'm Jari Roomer

For more than seven years, I've researched the habits, tools, and mental frameworks of peak performers.

I studied high-level entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympic athletes, ancient philosophers - and anything in between - to decode their best practices so you and I can apply them to better our own lives.

I'm fortunate to say that 5+ million people have read my articles on Medium and my work has been featured in Foundr Magazine, Forbes, and The Huffington Post.

Want to ask me a question? Don't hesitate to send me an email at

Ready To Upgrade Your Productivity?

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