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The Advanced Goal-Setting System

Discover the science-based goal-setting system used by entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Olympic athletes to consistently set, track, and achieve big goals.

Want To Break The 'Cycle of Disapointment?'

You plan to make a positive change in your life, so you set some big new goals.

Maybe it's to improve your health and fitness.

Maybe it's to save more money.

Maybe it's to learn new skills or read more books.

You’re excited to get started and feel deeply motivated.

Nothing can seem to stop you this time.

Fast-forward a few weeks (or days) later and...

  • The initial spark of motivation is gone
  • ​Old habits took over
  • ​Daily life 'got in the way'
  • ​You forgot to keep track of your ​goals

What started as an exciting project turned into an anti-climax.

If you've ever experienced this 'cycle of disapointment', realize you're not alone.

Studies show that 92% of people who set goals fail to achieve them.

I used to be part of this statistic for years...

I'd set big goals and was convinced that *this time* I would achieve them...

... Only to fail just two or three weeks later.

My motivation would be gone, old habits took over, or I simply forgot about my goals in the busyness of day-to-day life.

You Need A Better Goal-Setting System

Lots of people think that lack of motivation is why they don't achieve their goals.

But motivation is one of the least important things when it comes to achieving your goals.

Others think that lack of self-discipline is their problem.

Although discipline is important, even the most disciplined people fail without one essential ingredient...

An optimized goal-setting system that turns big long-term goals into simple daily and weekly action steps.

After developing this streamlined goal-setting system, it changed the game.

Long-term goals that were previously too overwhelming or intimidating suddenly became actionable as I could break them down into specific monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Finally, I had one central hub for all of my goals (for any timeframe and area of life).

This system made it easy to track my progress, identify the next action steps to get closer to a goal, and overall help me improve in the most important areas of life.

With the Advanced Goal-Setting System, I finally started achieving big goals, such as:

  • ​​Grow my online business from zero​ to ​$11,000 a month​
  • ​​Consistently save and invest​ +35% of my income
  • Train for multiple obstacle runs and get in the best shape of my life
  • ​Become a top writer on Medium with 5 million views and 52k followers

By now, the Advanced Goal-Setting System is the cornerstone of my productivity, performance, and personal growth.

I refer to it each day as it provides a ton of clarity, focus, and sense of direction in life.

Now, after five years of optimizing this goal-setting system, I decided it's ready to be shared with people like you who are on a path of self-improvement.

What You'll Get In The Advanced Goal-Setting System:

#1: Advanced Goal-Setting Video Course (17 Videos - 2 Hours of Material)

$97 Value

In this 2 hour video course, you'll learn the most effective science-based tools and routines to turn the odds of goal-success massively in your favor.

Whether you have health, finance, career, or personal development goals, the strategies you'll learn in this course will help you turn them into reality.

In These 17 Course Videos, You'll Learn:

  • ​​How to transform intimidating life goals into bite-sized daily/weekly actions​
  • ​Why you need to focus on process goals instead of outcome goals
  • ​How to tap into a more powerful force than motivation or self-discipline
  • The 5 science-based habits to practice daily to increase your odds of success
  • ​How to stop getting distracted by cheap dopamine and​ train your brain to enjoy doing hard things​ instead

#2: The Advanced Goal-Tracker (Notion Template)

$29 Value

The Advanced Goal-Tracker is a streamlined goal-setting template (created in Notion) designed to turn long-term goals into highly actionable short-term goals.

The Advanced Goal-Tracker is accessible on desktop and mobile, making it your daily companion for self-improvement and peak performance.

The Advanced Goal-Tracker Is Designed To:

  • ​​Break down long-term goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and​ daily goals
  • ​Help you stay focused​ on your most important goals (and never lose track of yearly or life goals again)
  • Organize your goals based on their priority or area of life
  • Remind you of how much progress you've already made
  • ​Identify the next to-dos and action points to get closer to each of your goals​

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